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Start 2021 with a New Look - Try One of These New Casely Cases!

Start 2021 with a New Look - Try One of These New Casely Cases!
Start 2021 with a New Look - Try One of These New Casely Cases!
With the new year fast approaching, it’s time for a whole new look. 💅🏿 If you’re thinking of resolutions for the coming year, why not make it your goal to upgrade your style?
Grabbing a brand-new phone case sounds like a great place to start trying out a fresh look. 💋
With our New Year Sale coming up, starting the 31st and ending January 11th, you can get 21% off even our new arrivals! With that in mind, here are some styles from the Casely collection to consider as you head into 2021. 🎊

New Year Change GIF by NETFLIX

1 - To the Moon & Back

This adorable case features tiny comets, planets, and stars on a black background, a sweet caricature of space. As we move into the future, space becomes more prevalent every year - and who doesn’t love it? This case comes in the classic or bold style for extra protection for your smartphone.

Casely has cases that fit iPhones and Galaxy’s alike, so even more people can enjoy the wonders of space on their phone! 🪐

2 - Desert Daze | Peachy Cactus

This fun case makes you feel as warm inside as the desert scene it depicts. 🌵 The peachy tones work perfectly with this cute cactus. Whether you’re out and about, hanging out in your room, or cheering at a music festival, it fits perfectly in every scene.

This one also comes in the classic or bold style for iPhones. It looks like a painting on your phone, and everyone will love it just as much as you do.

3 - You’re Dino-mite!

This funky, nostalgic case reminds us of old cartoons and the days when we were all obsessed with dinosaurs. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a bit of childishness into your daily life, especially on those difficult days. Looking at the little dinos gives you a sense of fun and power. The green dinosaurs stand out against the black background, and this case will make you stand out, too!

4 - If the Shoe Fits

High tops never go out of style, so it only makes sense to put them on your phone case. This fun, brightly colored design features different styled high-tops on a blue and white spotted background. The shoes themselves come in many colors and styles, but they all have the iconic white soles that high tops are known for.

Show off your style on more than just your feet with this fun case! 💁

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