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November Charity Partner — City Harvest

November Charity Partner — City Harvest
November Charity Partner — City Harvest

At Casely, we’re all about using our platform to regularly give back. We recognize that we can make a difference in changing someone’s life, which is why we started our cases for a cause initiative.

With the colder nights setting in, our monthly #EveryCaseCounts initiative is more critical than ever; that’s why November’s #EveryCaseCounts partner is the wonderful City Harvest!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Who is City Harvest? They’re simply neighbors helping their neighbors and have been for forty years. City Harvest didn’t just start a food rescue movement in NYC; they continue to watch their work flourish and aid the lives of those in their community.

Sometimes, it’s hard to view the colder season as a privilege; everyone is panicking to find an S.O. to hunker down and see through the winter nights. But City Harvest recognizes that putting food on the table is a struggle for many people in NYC. That’s why, this year, they will have rescued and delivered 77 million pounds of food to food pantries and soup kitchens to help those experiencing food insecurity. 

How Do City Harvest Help? 

Think that sounds like plenty? Rescuing and delivering food to those who need it doesn't quench City Harvest’s appetite for helping others. They have four key areas to help people: 

  • Food Rescue - The process of saving delicious food that would otherwise go to waste. Since its inception, this charity has rescued over one billion pounds of surplus food that would’ve been thrown away.
  • Food Distribution - Once rescued, the charity sends the excellent grub to where it's needed most, including over 400 soup kitchens and food pantries across all five boroughs of NYC.
  • Nutrition Education - City Harvest now partners with organizations across their community to offer educational classes on nutrition - for free! From children to teens to adults, this fantastic charity teaches healthy recipes alongside budgeting for your weekly shop. 
  • Disaster Response - Sadly, the past forty years have seen some catastrophic disasters, but City Harvest has been there for their community from 9/11 to the COVID pandemic. Being a leader among the New York City Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NYCVOAD), this charity uses its food distribution experience during disasters to construct a food distribution tracking system for other NYC non-profits. 

But What Can I Do?

We’re so glad you asked!  There are many ways to give and get involved in helping the people of NYC alongside City Harvest. You could: 

  • Fundraise
  • Donate Food
  • Volunteer
  • Advocate
  • Give Financially
  • Get Involved in Events 

Did you know you can also offer your support by shopping with us? Double win! As City Harvest is this month’s #EveryCaseCounts partner, a portion of our profits will go directly into the pocket of City Harvest. 

Are you not done giving? We didn’t think so! When you post a pic of your phone case on Instagram (who can blame you) and use #EveryCaseCounts, we’ll donate another dollar! 

Spread The Love Today

So why not spread the love of your new Casely phone case alongside City Harvest this Fall?

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