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Is Magsafe Bad For Batteries? Here's What Our Experts Say

Is Magsafe Bad For Batteries? Here's What Our Experts Say
Is Magsafe Bad For Batteries? Here's What Our Experts Say

MagSafe technology is an exciting new development that makes charging quicker, more straightforward, and more accessible. It’s a charging method ideal for those who are always on the go. However, no charging method is perfect.

Discover how the MagSafe charger could be wrong for your device’s battery and, more importantly, how to prevent this exciting charging method from ruining your battery long-term. MagSafe charging is a convenient method, so dispel your concerns, and let’s dive in!

Is Magsafe Charging Bad for Battery?

MagSafe is a nifty technology using a magnetometer and wireless charging system. In layperson's terms, MagSafe charging means you can say goodbye to wires, cords, and plugs and hello to charging on the move. While Magsafe technology increases the ease of rapid charging, it can be bad for your phone’s battery in the long run, much like any charger. 

Primarily, this is because of the heat caused by the battery charging process. The hotter your device gets, the worse it is for your battery. So if you’re a MagSafe user, always limit heat damage to your phone wherever possible.

However, heat damage to a battery can occur whether using MagSafe technology or a standard USB port. Yet, were the phone to start overheating, the lack of space between the MagSafe charger and the device might mean your phone overheats quicker because the contact will heat the phone more than usual. 

Frequently charging with the MagSafe charger will also cause issues like any charger. No matter how you charge your battery, performance will lessen over time. Yet, it’s commonly understood that keeping charge between 20-80% helps extend battery life, which applies when using MagSafe technology. 

So while MagSafe technology doesn’t directly decrease the lifespan of your battery, other factors such as frequent charging, ineffective charging, and heat can damage your battery.

How To Prevent Your MagSafe From Ruining Your Battery?

Optimize Your Charging Percentages 

Charging your phone at the right time is the best way to avoid battery damage. When your battery dips below 50%, then start to charge it. Different sources will advise differently; however, if you keep your cell above 20% but avoid going above 80%, your battery life will likely be extended somewhat. Apple even offers a feature to keep your phone below 80% until you need the battery full, which is handy overnight.

Ensure You Avoid Heat 

Whether that’s keeping your phone out of the sun and putting it into the shade on a beach day or simply avoiding powering your phone for long periods overnight, whatever you need to do to prevent the battery from overheating, do it - but don’t put your phone in the freezer! 

And while it may seem obvious, don’t forget: avoid powering your phone if it’s overheated. If your phone has died or overheated and thus acted out, it can be tempting to charge it and bring it back to life. But let your phone cool off first to prevent lasting damage.

Get Off Social Media While Powering

Please don't use your phone while charging to help the process. Constant use will prolong the charging and thus increase the chances of overheating and overcharging - the two battery-life killers. If you're bursting to watch the latest meme your friend has sent you, you can always turn your phone off to avoid temptation.

Buy MagSafe From Trusted Manufacturers Only 

Only ever buy this exciting technology from a trusted manufacturer. Purchasing a charger as cheaply as possible might be tempting to avoid spending too much money, but you’ll only be buying unreliable, potentially counterfeit technology. 

Instead, check out Casely’s compatible phone cases, where state-of-the-art design and phone safety come first. 

Think a Magsafe Case Could Be For You? Shop Casely!

If you want MagSafe technology, we can’t blame you! Avoid all the faff of broken wires and find a plug by discovering our Power Pods; our pocket-sized technology is perfect for anyone wanting easy charging. And make sure you’ve got the ideal (or many perfect) MagSafe Compatible Cases to match!

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