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How To Take a Case Off a Phone Without Damaging It

How To Take a Case Off a Phone Without Damaging It
How To Take a Case Off a Phone Without Damaging It

Sometimes, removing your phone case feels like a far more difficult operation than it needs to be. Hard cases are perfect for keeping your device safe from harm, but you run the risk of damaging your phone yourself if you get a little too forceful during the removal process.

To help with that, we'll walk you through four simple steps for removing your phone case without damaging it. Let's get right to it. 

What You’ll Need

You don't need much beyond your own two hands to get a phone case off successfully, but some helpful additions include:

  • Cleaning cloth + gentle cleaning products
  • A credit card or similarly thin piece of plastic
  • Potentially, some patience

How To Take Off a Phone Case Without Damaging It

1. Make Sure Your Work Surface is Clean

The entire purpose of your phone case is to keep your device clean, protected, and free from debris. If you take your phone case off in a messy or dirty environment, then you're undoing the entire reason you put it on in the first place. 

Use a cloth and some gentle cleaning products to clean up your work surface so you can remove the case without worrying about damaging the phone. 

2. Start With The Top Corner Opposite the Volume Buttons

When you start the process of removing your phone case, make sure to start at the top corner opposite to where the volume buttons are located. The last thing you want to do is take a bunch of screenshots or hit a bunch of buttons accidentally as you try to force the case off. 

Of course, you could turn your phone off to avoid this outcome, but it's best to just avoid the buttons entirely at first. They could get damaged by the case, or you could accidentally press them in too far, leading to them getting stuck or warped in some way. 

To begin the process, place both of your thumbs on the top corner and firmly press down to pry the case from the back of your phone. If it feels like you're using too much force and the case isn't budging, hold off. You could end up cracking your screen if the case has got wedged. In this instance, use a credit card (or a similarly thin piece of plastic) to slide between the phone and case and press down. This should help to separate the two. 

3. Move On To The Opposite Corner Above the Volume Buttons

Once you've succeeded in prying the top left corner of your case away from the phone, it's time to move to the opposite side. Repeat the same process as above. Since the other corner is always free this shouldn’t require too much force, but you still need to be firm, especially if it's a securely fitted hard case. Hard cases are always more difficult to remove due to the rigid materials used in their design. 

Again, if you're struggling, feel free to use a credit card or dull, thin object to pry between the phone and the case. It's extra important you're mindful of how much force you're using here as this is the side of your device with buttons and they can be easily damaged. Once both corners have been pried away, the entire top of your phone should be free.

4. Slide the Phone Out of the Case

At this point, the hardest part should be over. With both of the top corners free from the case, the bottom should just slide right out. With certain phone cases, they might require a little extra pressure, but it shouldn't need more than a simple push. 

Using the cloth and gentle cleaning product from before, now is a good opportunity to give your case a much-needed clean. Just make sure to avoid using any products that contain bleach, as this could significantly damage the original design. 

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