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How To Remove a Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector

How To Remove a Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector
How To Remove a Tempered Glass iPhone Screen Protector

Tempered glass screen protectors on your phone are pretty great, huh? You need never worry about marks or damage if you drop the device. 

However, tempered glass screens can still get scratched, scuffed, or cracked over time and spoil the look of your phone. 

Replacing one isn’t always the most feasible or easiest option, so here's the easiest way you can do it yourself. Remember, this is just for the screen protector; if the glass of your phone is broken or damaged, it's better to pass it to a pro for repair. 

Keep reading for the simplest way to remove your tempered glass screen protector.

Get Your Tools Ready

The great news is that no special kit is required, just a credit card, a wooden toothpick, and a hairdryer – yes, honestly! Don't forget the phone cleaner, too.

Find a location that is clear of clutter and other objects and with good lighting.

Heat the Phone with the Hairdryer

Use a low heat setting for a short period. Don’t overdo it or you'll damage the phone components. Applying the heat for around 15-20 seconds helps to loosen the adhesive, so it's easier to remove the glass.

Move the hairdryer around to avoid creating hotspots.

Lift a Corner of the Glass

Wooden toothpicks or cocktail sticks have a blunt and a sharp end. Use the sharp point to work under one of the corners of the glass carefully. Some people use their fingernails to do this if they're thick and strong.

Keep the stick or pick more horizontal to the phone and the surface you're working on to ensure adequate leverage.

It's also essential not to stab the phone display with the pointed end but to keep it pointing upwards towards the glass.

Success! Now It’s Time to Use your Credit Card

Once you've lifted a corner of the glass, slide in your credit card. Gently work the card around the edge of the phone, moving from side to side and toward the middle of the screen, easing the screen protector away as you go.

It's similar to easing a cake away from the sides of a baking tin with a flat knife before turning it out.

It's best to use an old credit card in case you break it, or it gets messy with the adhesive from your phone. An old gift card works just as well.

Be patient and make sure the cover is entirely loose all the way around, or it will snap. 

If the screen protector is cracked, you may need to remove each piece individually using the same method. Beware, the exposed edges are surprisingly sharp.

The other option is to use duct tape, cover over the cracks, and then work around the edges as if the screen were intact. This saves getting your fingers caught on jagged edges.

Clean the Phone

Gently clean the screen to remove any smears or traces of glue. Use a proprietary screen cleaning cloth that has been pre-treated or a microfiber cloth with a dab of a homemade solution of vinegar and water

If you're old school, you'll know how brilliant vinegar is, especially at cleaning glass.

A Clorox Disinfecting wipe, or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, will deep clean the surface before you fit a new shield.

Replace the Screen Protector

Don't make the mistake of not replacing the screen protector, especially if you've had a bit of a fight to remove the old one. Take a look at the scuffs and marks on it – these could've been on the actual display.

Pick a screen protector designed for your phone's exact make and model for a totally snug fit.

Make sure you use a tempered glass replacement. Tempered glass is far superior to plastic. There’s also double-tempered glass that's up to four times stronger, particularly on impact – in case you drop your phone.

Look for high clarity products otherwise, they can dull the screen's appearance or make it look cloudy. Other worthwhile features include anti-fingerprint coating and maximum scratch protection.

And don't forget the camera lens on the back!

Need a Glass Screen Protector or Case? Shop Casely!

If your phone looks tired and shabby with scratches and scuffs, the key takeaway is that you can replace the screen protector yourself. You don't need to get a pro to do it.

Here at Casely, we’re all about keeping your phone protected with a glass screen protector and sturdy phone case. Shop the large selection of iPhone and Samsung cases we offer today and find your perfect phone case and more. 

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