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How to Make Your Halloween More Environmentally Friendly This Year

How to Make Your Halloween More Environmentally Friendly This Year
How to Make Your Halloween More Environmentally Friendly This Year

Whether you're tricking or treating your loved ones or going out to show off your costume, Halloween is a time to have fun and enjoy the spooky adventures that come with it.

But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on your eco-friendly values, either.

At Casely, we've put together a fun list of spooky ideas to help you celebrate Halloween in a more environmentally friendly way.

Give Organic Candy

Organic candy doesn’t use harmful pesticides or other chemicals in production. Giving organic, non-GMO candy is a great way to support sustainable farming practices and reduce your environmental impact.

Typically, you can find organic candy in health food stores, farmers' markets, organics section of grocery stores, or online.

Wear Costumes Inspired by Your Closet

Fast fashion is a huge contributor to environmental waste, and it only worsens during Halloween. The solution? Your closet.

Your closet is full of costume materials for Halloween; you just have to get creative with it. Unique outerwear like a trench coat turns you into a detective or spy. A fishing vest can transform you into a zookeeper or safari guide. A leather jacket and guitar are the essential accessories to transform into a 50s rock and roll musician.

Even sweatshirts and sweatpants can turn into different animals with a few accessories. Adding an old uniform and throwing on some fake blood can be great for looking like a zombie.

Buy Locally Grown Pumpkins

An easy way to make your Halloween more environmentally friendly is to buy your pumpkins from local growers or farmers' markets. Buying local helps to support your local economy and reduces pollution from transporting pumpkins across the country. Not to mention, you're getting a fresher pumpkin!

Cook or Compost Your Pumpkins

Many Americans generate tons of food waste, which you can avoid through proper composting, cooking, or storage. Plastic-free Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, gourds, and squashes work perfectly with the zero-waste lifestyle.

When carving pumpkins, don't throw out the insides. The flesh of pumpkins is perfect for roasted pumpkin seeds or baking, making a delicious zero-waste snack.

Once it’s time for the pumpkins adorning your front porch to go, you can compost them or cook them into a tasty dish.

Give Candy Alternatives

There's no hard rule that you must give away candy. Instead, you can give out small gifts such as Halloween-theme pencils, mini-coloring books, or even stuffed animals. These are relatively low waste and healthier for children than eating a lot of candy.

Avoid Disposable Decor

Throwing Halloween parties is a fun way to bond with your friends and family. An easy way to make the party more environmentally friendly is to avoid disposable decor.

When serving food, only provide reusable plates and utensils for guests. It limits the waste created and makes cleanup a lot easier.

Also, use LED candles rather than traditional candles. They're reusable and much safer, especially if you have pets or children attending your party.

Try to reuse decorations from last year to reduce as much holiday waste as possible.

Enjoy Your Eco-Friendly Halloween

There are endless ways to make your Halloween more environmentally friendly. Use your creativity and turn what you already have to fun, spooky ideas. From decorating your home with eco-friendly materials to using your closet to choose costumes, you can make your holiday more sustainable.

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