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How Does Samsung Wireless Charging Work?

How Does Samsung Wireless Charging Work?
How Does Samsung Wireless Charging Work?

The days of fighting with tangled cords, losing the correct charging cord, or even reaching under your nightstand for the end of the cable are over. And we couldn't be happier about that. With Samsung wireless charging, you only need to place your phone on the charger pad to return your battery to 100%. 

Wireless charging may appear like a magic trick to some people, but there’s quite a simple science behind it. Keep reading to learn about the physics behind the charging block, compatible Samsung devices, and how to get the best performance with your Samsung wireless charger.

How Does Samsung Wireless Charging Work?

It's all based on physics – which you might still consider a magic trick, but don't be discouraged; it's not as complicated as it appears. You might be surprised that wireless charging technology has existed since the 1800s, with Nikola Tesla using resonant-inductive coupling to create light in his lab with incandescent bulbs. Inductive coupling generally works when an electromagnetic field is created between a receiver and a transmitter, and this magnetic field allows electricity to move through airwaves.

But let's walk through how electromagnetic induction charges your phone step by step. 

First, this process involves inductive coils, called transmitter coils, inside the charger base, creating a magnetic field. The charging base connects to an electrical outlet that powers this field. Once the phone is placed on the pad, the transmitter coils generate alternating current (AC), the movement of electrons, and this movement turns the magnetic field into an electromagnetic field. 

Then, electromagnetic induction occurs, as the electromagnetic field from the charging base induces a voltage in the phone's receiver coils. Electricity is created in the receiver coils in the form of AC, with the phone's internal circuit converting this AC into usable direct current (DC). Through this direct current, the phone charges as if plugged directly into the wall. 

Samsung Devices that are Compatible With Wireless Charging

Samsung was one of the first companies to utilize inductive coupling technology in their phones, making them compatible with wireless charging. 

Samsung's high-end S Series supports wireless charging across all its models. The latest Galaxy S Series models, S21, S20, and S10, can be charged wirelessly, eliminating the need to navigate annoying cords. Wireless connectivity instead provides effortless and convenient cable-free solutions for low batteries.

Continuing in the high-end lineup from Samsung, the Galaxy Note Series also features wireless charging capabilities. The Galaxy Note20, Note10, and Note9 models are all designed for wireless charging. Premium Galaxy Note Series model owners can still experience the ease and simplicity of cable-free charging. 

Stepping into the mid-range lines from Samsung, wireless charging is still supported with Samsung's Galaxy A. The Galaxy A72, A52, and A32 models have receiver coils inside, ready to recharge their battery through inductive coupling. Users can still use this convenient charging method even with a more budget-friendly phone. 

You've probably seen Samsung's impressive, innovative foldable phones from the Galaxy Z Series. Models like the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Z Flip have a flexible screen that folds in half while offering wireless charging capabilities. Users can enjoy this unique foldable feature and still enjoy wireless charging. 

Then there’s Samsung's Galaxy XCover series. This series offers durable and robust characteristics while still equipped with wireless charging. You can experience the convenience of cable-free charging with a phone capable of handling industrial, outdoor, or strenuous work environments. There is no need to sacrifice convenience for a reliable and durable phone. 

Finally, Samsung's versatile Galaxy M Series is known for its affordability and long-lasting battery life. Low-cost options like the Galaxy M51, M31, and M21 provide the convenience of wireless charging while appealing to users seeking affordability and modern charging options. 

Samsung Wireless Charging Best Practices

Align your Device

When placing your device on the charger, you must ensure your phone is aligned correctly, as the induction coils must be close together to create the magnetic field. Your phone can be partially aligned, but if it's bumped out of place, it won't work. You'll know if it's properly aligned when the notification appears on the device's screen. 

Remove Metal Objects

Packing your credit or debit cards on the back of your phone case is super handy but becomes problematic with wireless charging. The metal pieces in the cards interfere with the recharging process by disrupting the magnetic field. 

Software Updates

Sometimes, device software updates include improvements for wireless charging, enhancing efficiency, functionality, and compatibility. A software update may address heat management, bug fixes, increased safety features, and charging algorithms in the device. You'll want to update your device with the latest software to get all the enhancements, so be sure to check for updates to experience all the benefits regularly. 

Stable Charging Environment 

Once the phone is perfectly aligned on the charger base, you'll want to ensure it doesn't fall off. Stick to placing your wireless charger on hard, stable surfaces like a nightstand, a bookshelf, or a dresser. Avoid softer places like a bed or pillow that are easily disturbed so your phone stays connected and charging. 

Check Your Case

Having a case on your phone is a great idea, helping improve the aesthetics and safety of your device. Accidents happen, and phones are expensive. However, some cases pose challenges for cord-free charging or even make it impossible. 

If your phone case is too thick, close contact between the induction coils cannot happen, so wireless charging fails. Generally, a thinner phone case is okay, but if you still notice problems, opt to remove the case entirely. 

Temperature Considerations

Electromagnetic induction generates heat as energy transfers, but a few factors can increase the temperature generation. If, for instance, the charger pad is incompatible with your phone, more heat will be generated from energy rather than efficient electrical transfer.

Additionally, the material of your phone can cause improper dissipation of heat; phones with a metal back retain more heat than plastic or glass. Finally, avoid putting your phone in heat-sensitive areas, such as under fabrics or direct sunlight. 

Original Cables

Many wireless chargers require a cord to connect them to an electrical outlet. You should use the original cord that came with your Samsung wireless charger, and if it's been lost, replace it with a high-quality cable. This guarantees compatibility, preventing issues like slow or no charging speeds.

Final Thoughts

While Samsung wireless charging may continue to seem like a magical feat, it's actually grounded in simple physics. Understanding the science behind it allows you to utilize this convenient technology accurately. When you place the phone on a charger base, electromagnetic induction facilitates effortless electricity transfer through the air, recharging the battery. 

Samsung offers a diverse selection of phones with wireless charging technology catering to users' preferences. Any user with budget restrictions, a penchant for innovative tech, or a need for durability can experience convenient cable-free charging. 

Be sure to follow these best practices to maximize the charging capabilities of your wireless charger. From proper alignment, software updates, charging environments, and temperature management, ensure you get the most out of your charger. 

Now that you're equipped with a Samsung phone and Samsung wireless charger, complete the experience with one of Casely's Samsung Cases for a stylish, trendy phone cover. 

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