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Hot Makeup Trends for Your New Year's Look — Create Stunning Aesthetics with Pro Tips!

Hot Makeup Trends for Your New Year's Look — Create Stunning  Aesthetics with Pro Tips!
Hot Makeup Trends for Your New Year's Look — Create Stunning  Aesthetics with Pro Tips!

Smokey + Glitter 

  1. Apply a dark eyeshadow base with an eye pencil to the lid. Go black for the ultimate dark and mysterious look.
  2. To start that smokiness, use a small smudge brush to diffuse the harsh line at the top of your lid.
  3. Pair a dark shade of eye shadow over the base you’ve created with the eye pencil. Start with black over your lid, then add a lighter dark color, such as an earthy brown, to the space between your lid and your eyebrow. Then, blend everything. 
  4. Take a silicone brush and apply a press glitter. Silver will work best with the black/brown base. Dab and build the glitter over your lid. 
  5. Take an eyeliner pencil and apply it under the eyelid. Get a brush and smudge the eyeliner out to optimize the smoky eye.
  6. Apply your mascara of choice, and you’re ready to go to the ball.

Cat Eyes to See in the New Year

  1. Take a light neutral brown and run through your eyelid crease. To get the ultimate cat-eye, drag the tail of your crease out at a curved upward angle. 
  2. Apply black pencil eyeliner across your lid, just above your eyelashes. 
  3. Then, use a clean, angled eyeshadow brush and smudge the eyeliner out until it has a soft effect.
  4. Use a matte black eye shadow on an angled brush and follow the natural line of your lower lash line for the wing. Following this line, think “straight and outwards.” It will look like an upward curve when done correctly from the front.
  5. Keeping the line thin, slowly connect the line to the eyeliner smudge on your lid. 
  6. Blend out the black with a medium-dark shade of brown and a dense eye brush. Then, evenly apply the lighter shade of brown you used earlier to the rest of your lid. Using a fluffier (non-dense brush) will help.
  7. Using an angled brush and the black eyeshadow, you want to angle out the front of your eye (heading toward your nose and downward) by following the natural line of your eyelid. It should be a small line, so use a liquid eyeliner if you struggle.
  8. Add mascara and false eyelashes (if they take your fancy), and you’re ready to prowl.

Bring a Great Gatsby Golden Goddess 

  1. Apply a burnt orange shade to the outer corners of your eyelid with a medium blend brush, creating a sideways ‘<’ or triangle shape.
  2. Take a lighter orange shade with the same brush and diffuse the edge of the ‘>’ without changing the shape. Then, with a darker shade of orange, deepen the ‘>’ shape while keeping it in formation.
  3. Take a large blending brush to diffuse the ‘>’ shape one more time 
  4. Get a flat brush and put plenty of glitter glue onto the brush. Then, apply the glue to the blank space (where there’s no eye shadow), taking it high above the crease of your eye.
  5. Load a golden glitter eyeshadow onto your brush and apply it to the glitter glue, taking it above the crease for the perfect look.

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