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Hello, Spring! 8 Spring Floral Fashion Trends and Cases to Match

Hello, Spring! 8 Spring Floral Fashion Trends and Cases to Match
Hello, Spring! 8 Spring Floral Fashion Trends and Cases to Match

The birds are chirping a little louder, the sun is shining a little brighter, and everyone's feeling a little happier. That's right, Spring is here, and we're so ready to ditch the woolen winter coats and stretch out in the sunshine.

We've got all the hot trends coming for Spring 2023 covered – and we're here to share all the phone cases that fit the bright springtime vibe. Dive into all the fabulous floral goodness below.

1. Yoga at Dawn

Spring is the ideal season to set a fitness goal. It's not about slimming down or punishing your body – it's about feeling good about the skin you're in, no matter your size. Try doing yoga at dawn to start your day on the most energized note possible.

Pair with: the bright, sparkling, and radiant Here Comes the Sun | Colorblock Sunset Case.

2. Long Hikes With Besties

Spring is when all the flora and fauna flash back to life. There's never a better time to get out in nature and see them. Go on a hike with your besties and soak in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Pair with: the rugged and beautiful Golden Hour | Mountain Sunset Case, which turns your cameras into the sun.

3. Painting Sessions

Unleash your creativity this season by hosting or participating in painting sessions with your friends and family. Don't try to be good – just tap into your inner artist and paint with all the colors of the wind.

Pair with: the Color Splash | Abstract Retro Case, which will inspire you to use every color in your crayon box.

4. Practicing Words of Affirmation

Winter can be so gloomy! But thankfully, Spring always follows to remind us to put on a happy face. Practice using words of affirmation to improve your self-love by expressing your gratitude and love for others - and the sunshine.

Pair with the smiley, multi-colored All Smiles | Smiley Face Sticker Case.

5. Enter a New Fashion Era

It's time to be bold! Spring is the season of re-invention, shucking off the old and donning the new. Enter your knee-high boots era, or dare we say it? Your bangs era. Try something bold and exciting this season!

Pair with: the endlessly exciting designs of the And I Oop | Mixed Swatch Case.

6. Cultivate Your Green Thumb

Even if you don't tend your own garden, you'll notice flowers growing all around you this Spring. Throw down an above-ground planter box and visit your local nursery, because now is the time to cultivate your green thumb. This season, Mother Nature is on your side.

Pair with: the bounteous offerings of the Secret Garden | Mixed Floral Case.

Step Boldly Into Spring

Whether you're ready to run a marathon or just wear slightly lighter clothes – spring is here, so let’s all cheer!

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