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About the ASPCA - July’s #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

About the ASPCA - July’s #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner
About the ASPCA - July’s #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

At Casely, protecting your cherished possessions is part of our calling, which is why we build durable (and adorable) phone cases. But your phone isn't the only thing we believe deserves protection. That's why our #EveryCaseCounts charity partner for July is the ASPCA!

Every month, we partner with an incredible charity organization, and we're proud to support the vital mission of the ASPCA. Read on to learn about their amazing work supporting animals and how you can get involved.

The ASPCA Mission

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a long-standing organization standing up for animals and pets—and it does this work incredibly well.

The ASPCA was the first major humane society for animals in North America. Today, it is one of the largest in the world. The ASPCA strives to "provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.” With over 2 million supporters across the US, the ASPCA has an incredible track record of stepping up to the plate and fighting for the rights of animals as a leading national animal welfare organization.

Founding of The ASPCA

The ASPCA was founded in 1866 by American diplomat and New Yorker Henry Bergh. The story goes that in 1863 he was on business in Russia when he saw a carriage driver beating his fallen cart horse. He intervened, stopping the man from harming the animal. At that moment, Bergh understood his true calling. he resigned his position, returned to the US, and only three years later, the ASPCA was born.

In the following years, it was an uphill battle for the organization. The late nineteenth century was not a time when people were particularly kind to animals, and the ASPCA struggled to get the initial support it needed to get off the ground. But they persevered.

Amazing Achievements

In 1867, the ASPCA opened the first ambulance for injured horses. In the following decades, they played an essential role in protecting animals after natural disasters, busting puppy mills, and breaking up dog fighting rings, including the high-profile operation by quarterback Michael Vick in 2007.

Besides activism, the ASPCA has expanded to protect animals in all aspects of life. Since 1973, the ASPCA has played a crucial role in the nation's mission to spay and neuter adopted and stray animals. The organization also launched a micro-chip campaign in 1993 to ensure that no animal gets separated from home.

The fundamental principles of the ASPCA, animal rescue, animal placement, and animal protection, have guided the organization to immense success in its mission since 1866—and they're not slowing down now!

Call to Action!

Are you feeling inspired? There are dozens of ways you can help!

  • Get involved in grassroots lobbying and political advocacy through ASPCA's advocacy training for citizens.
  • Become a National Field Responder and help animals in crisis.
  • Foster a pet! Here's how.
  • Volunteer at an adoption center.
  • Make a one-time or recurring donation. Every dollar counts.
  • SO much more!

With a unique opportunity for everyone, you can make an impact. And if you buy a Casely case in July, a portion of the proceeds will go to the ASPCA. Use the hashtag #EveryCaseCounts on Insta, and we'll donate another dollar. It is that easy!

Got a charity in mind for the future? Let us know here!

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