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About Black Girls Code - February's #EveryCaseCounts Charity Partner

About Black Girls Code - February's #EveryCaseCountsity Partner
About Black Girls Code - February's #EveryCaseCountsity Partner

Hi! Happy February!

It's a new month, and you know what that means at Casely — yep, time to announce our new charity partner!

So let's get right to it. We are proud to reveal that this month we'll be working with— drum roll, please—Black Girls Code!

We absolutely adore this nonprofit, and we're sure that you will too. Their powerful and essential work makes the world a better place every day.

Let's break down everything Black Girls Code does and show how you can get involved!

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🖥️ 👧🏾 How Does It Work? 👧🏾 🖥️

Black Girls Code is all about making a difference on the ground floor in the world of coding. Their programs work directly with young women of color to provide workshops, activities, Summer camps, and coding clubs.

These programs empower Black girls in coding. They get to focus on the fundamentals of robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, game design, web design, and app design.

Women, and primarily women of color, are often absent from the white male-dominated STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

But by educating girls and giving them the tools and support they need to succeed, Black Girls Code opens up doors to a career in math and science.

Fast Facts

  • Women make up less than 1% of startup founders.
  • Less than 4% of all students graduating with a computer science degree are women of color.
  • Over 50% of girls in middle school report interest in a STEM-based future, but by high school, that number falls to 2%.

Closing the gap in the ever-growing world of big tech requires radical action. Early introduction to technology and code is the only way to show girls they can accomplish and achieve through math and science.

Black Girls Code imagines a world where strong women have positions of power across the board and excel in all fields.

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🤖 How It's Going 🤖

Black Girls Code has 16 chapters across the United States, with plans to train 1 million young women by 2040.

All workshops are affordable and frequent for any interested girls. The organization provides computers, and they don't require any prior education for acceptance. All girls between 7 -17 are welcome.

Every program run by Black Girls Code is judgment-free with no grades, no stigmas, and no hefty price tags. Each workshop and class makes coding fun and inclusive.

Girls across learning levels work together and collaboratively solve problems and make functioning apps, websites, robots, and more!

Get Involved!

If you want to help inspire girls in your city, check out the volunteer page and learn how you can put your skills to the best use. Already know how to code? Become a teacher! Want to spread the word? Work on social media!

All you need is passion and time, and you can be an inspiration!

Plus, every time you post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #EveryCaseCounts, we'll donate an extra dollar to Black Girls Code! It's that easy to make a difference!

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