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4 Ways to Celebrate Middle Child Day

4 Ways to Celebrate Middle Child Day
4 Ways to Celebrate Middle Child Day

It isn’t always easy growing up as a middle child. Eldest children are usually seen as the responsible, mature ones, and youngest children are often babied and pampered.

Being the oldest or baby of the family can have downsides too, but the middle children tend to have a unique set of challenges.

But let’s not dwell on the downsides — there are so many reasons to love being a middle child!

With Middle Child Day coming up, it’s time to celebrate all that makes the middle children in your life unique.

Here are some starter ideas for your Middle Child Day celebrations.

Host a Nostalgic Sleepover

The best way to overcome middle child syndrome?

Shower your middle sibling, or child, with love. Get the whole family together and host a nostalgic sleepover. Rent all the old movies you used to catch reruns of on TV, order the junk food you used to be able to eat guilt-free and soak in the old memories.

Make the Middle Child Boss for a Day

Middle children often complain about feeling powerless in their families — left out of important decisions and not consulted for their opinions.

How do you make a middle child feel included and empowered?

Make them the boss of everything — for a day at least.

Research shows that sociable, ambitious, and extroverted people tend to become leaders.

Assertiveness alone doesn’t necessarily make someone a good leader, but being outgoing and comfortable with authority often lands them the role.

Let the shy middle child in your life take the reins and lead the family for a day — see how they do!

Watch Home Movies of the Middle Child

If your family makes home movies (and if they don’t, it’s never too late to start!), curate a “playlist” of the best middle child moments for Middle Child Day.

From infant to toddler to those awkward pre-teen years, to prom and beyond — show them how much they’re loved.

Let the Middle Child Plan Their Own “Field Trip”

Do you fear that the middle child in your life feels left out?

Let them plan their own “field trip” for the family to show you all the places that “made” them: A favorite restaurant or lookout spot, their preferred trail to go hiking — the places that hold special meaning for them.

Let the middle child in your life show you their world.

Stuck in the Middle With You

Get in the groove with the middle child in your life this Middle Child Day. What better time to gather the family together and celebrate the unique sibling born in the middle of the pack?

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