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4 Things to Put on Your Vision Board for 2022 💭💭💭

4 Things to Put on Your Vision Board for 2022 💭💭💭
4 Things to Put on Your Vision Board for 2022 💭💭💭

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Your vision board is a way for you to plan for the future of your dreams.

2022 can be anything you want, so dream big, go bold, and hold nothing back!

Some people will make a digital vision board, but if you want to look at your goals for next year, a physical board will create a deeper connection.

So find that corkboard or poster, grab some glue, and start plotting it all out!

1) Your Dream Vacation

The year hasn't even started yet, but yes, you already deserve some time off!

Put two vacations on your board, one where price doesn't exist — the bungalow in Bora Bora or Chalet in Switzerland… and then put a picture of how you can make it happen. A local ski hill? A road trip to the beach?

Take your wildest fantasies, and find a way to make them a reality!

2) Represent Your Career Goals

Quick — what is your dream job? Paste a picture of whatever your first answer is.

Are you on the path to that job? Or do you need to recalculate a bit?

Think about how you can set yourself on the journey to a career that makes you fulfilled. Have you always wanted to start a small business? Maybe work at a nonprofit organization.

Use your vision board to chart your way to that life!

3) Self Care

Self-care has never been more critical. No matter what your routine is now, there is always more you can do to take care of yourself.

Are candles and a bath enough anymore? Get serious with the things that make you happy… Maybe it's time you finally adopted that kitten you pass by every morning!

Want to increase your yoga sessions to every day? Include your favorite yoga mat on your board. Set your goals high and reap the rewards.

But like all self-care, go easy on yourself; if you can't accomplish one goal, take solace in everything you have achieved.

Taking risks feels good; just remember to comfort yourself through it all.

4) People! 🧑

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