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Picnic or Romantic Dinner? How to Accessorize Your Perfect Date Night

Picnic or Romantic Dinner? How to Accessorize Your Perfect Date Night
Picnic or Romantic Dinner? How to Accessorize Your Perfect Date Night
Whether you’re getting ready for a casual picnic or an extravagant dinner with your beau, you want to look absolutely perfect for your date. Accessories can be the extra push your outfit needs to go above and beyond.
When thinking of accessories, we think of jewelry, purses, and hair accessories, but not necessarily phone cases. But – your phone is always on you, and adding a matching phone case can be the perfect thing to complete your look!
We’ve got you covered with a case for every kind of date.

Picnic and Walk through Botanical Gardens

Sunhat + Heart-shaped sunglasses + Bright Yellow Sunflowers or Out and About Light Pink Floral Case

Very few dates are as romantic as walking through a path surrounded by beautiful flowers with your crush or someone you love. Not to mention a botanical garden is the perfect setting for Instagram photo shoots! A sunhat and heart-shaped shades can spice up a simple, comfy outfit like high-waisted shorts and a white shirt. Floral phone cases are adorable for everyday use, but can double as a themed accessory for your date!

Classic Picnic Date

Wicker purse + As If! Red Plaid Case or Check Me Out Phone Ring

The idea of lying out on a blanket, feeling the grass on your feet, and enjoying comfort food has a timeless appeal. It is an affordable, yet memorable and romantic date. The inspiration for these accessories is the classic staple of a picnic. The wicker purse is inspired by vintage picnic baskets, while the plaid phone case/ ring is not only in-style, but reminiscent of iconic plaid picnic blankets.

Fancy Dinner and Night on the Town

Elegant, simple necklace + Ankle strap heels + Classic White Marble or Black Leather Wallet Case

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress. I know it’s cliché. But truly, if you have not found that dress yet, get on it already. No matter your shape, size, or skin tone, there is a black dress for everyone. You can dress it up with an elegant yet simple necklace, like a silver or gold chain with a gemstone or charm. The classic white marble or black leather wallet cases are an elegant touch that shouldn't be overlooked. Ankle strap heels complete the look, but make sure they are comfortable if you are going on a romantic stroll around town!

Casual, Flirty Romantic Dinner at Home

Long Cardigan + High Heel Ankle Boots + Blue Flower Power Floral Phone Case or Classic Off White Phone Ring

Going out to eat is a fun treat, but the cost can add up. A dinner at home can be just as romantic. Cooking together and having a homemade meal can make for some sweet, flirty moments! It is the kind of date where you are trying to find the perfect balance of trying to look your best…without looking like your trying too hard. Jeans and a simple, flattering white blouse or shirt can be dressed up with layering a long cardigan and a cute pair of boots. The white floral pattern on the light blue background of the blue flower power case adds the perfect extra touch.

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