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Cozy & Chic: 12 Stylish Phone Cases to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe!

Cozy & Chic: 12 Stylish Phone Cases to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe!
Cozy & Chic: 12 Stylish Phone Cases to Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe!

Sometimes, it can be hard to look chic when you’re wrapped up in thousands of layers, ready to battle the wind, rain, and snow. But one way to find the coziness and chicness of the season is through your accessories. So adorn your phone and accessories with these stylish cases, ready to carry you through the winter. 


Reflections | Mirror Case

Nothing says “tres chic” like your face shining back at you, so channel your shine with this stylish phone case. It’s a truly unique phone case to show off your unique personality. 

Into the Wild | White Snow Leopard Case

What’s more chic than leopard print? We’ll wait. 

Leopard print is the ultimate sign of confidence and a wild spirit. This case is the one for you if you want to bring extra big cat energy.

Monet’s Water Lilies | Limited Edition Phone Case

Fancy adding a splash of color to your wardrobe without losing sophistication and elegance? Then, a spot of Monet could be the answer. This case is perfect for anyone looking to adorn their phone with a case that shows off their artistic and creative side.


Beneath the Waves | The Beatles Yellow Submarine Case

Looking for a unique and colorful option? This Beatles-inspired case is for you. If the January blues aren’t the only color you’re looking for this winter, fight away the mundane palette with bright, bold colors.

Mocha Ripple | Brown Waves Case

Nothing chases away the cold like a delicious hot mocha. This case is for those who love winter and aim to live a cozy cafe lifestyle. 

Monet’s Bridge | Limited Edition Phone Case

Is true coziness to you putting on a classic, chic outfit and getting out into nature? Whether you aspire to be an outdoorsy gal this winter season or fancy donning the chicness of Monet in your pocket, this picturesque case will see you through the season.

Best Dressed | Red Houndstooth Case

The holidays may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean an end to the iconic colors of the season or the parties. If you want to make your winter less beige and don’t want a pattern that’s too wild, this is the case for you this winter.

Gold Rush | Desert Case

Is coziness wrapping up against the cold, or is it simply closing your eyes and imagining you’re somewhere warm and adventurous? Get your chic on with this simple but adventurous design for all epic explorers. 

Power Pods, Air Pods Cases, & Accessories

Fuzzy Airpod Max Covers

There isn’t a look much more chic than ear muffs, but what’s the use of ear muffs when you want to listen to epic tunes on a walk to see friends? That’s where the fuzzy white Airpod Max covers come in.

Viva La Vida | Frida Kahlo Collage Power Pod

If your winter wardrobe suffers from too many monochrome colors, it’s time to get some Frieda Kahlo-inspired vibrance into your look. With this Power Pod, you can keep your battery life going while looking fabulous.

Love Song | Lavender Heart Power Pod

For all the hopeless romantics out there, there’s never a season not to think about love. That’s why this cute case, with its warming lavender colors, is the perfect companion for those daydreaming about their happily ever after. It won’t be long before you fall in love with this Power Pod.

Field of Flowers | Pastel Floral AirPods Case

Sometimes, coziness isn’t a look but a feeling, and if you’re looking for an Airpod case to make you smile, this is the one. Winter can feel like a dark, never-ending time, but this flower-themed case will make you beam with thoughts of spring.

Spot On | Dotted Animal Print AirPods Case

Never underestimate the power of a print. This animal print-inspired case will elevate your levels of chic to new heights.

Take Your Winter Fashion to the Next Level — Shop All of Casely’s Designs!

Winter might mean more layers, but it doesn’t mean death to fashion, especially when you have stylish, chic, and cozy cases at your disposal. So make the most of the winter season and buy yourself a case (or two - we won’t judge) to brighten your winter.

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