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iPhone 12 Pro Cases

iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Marble & Power

About iPhone 12 Pro Cases - Power 2.0 Charging Cases

Recently bought an iPhone 12 Pro? The first accessory you need to buy for it is a protective case. With Casely, not only do you get a gorgeous design and protective qualities, but you’ll also be able to charge your device anywhere you go. 

Who said a battery-operated charging phone case has to be boring? Our Power 2.0 collection includes over 40 designs to show off your style while keeping your device charged. 

All of our Casely iPhone 12 Pro series have wireless charging compatibility and work with some CarPlay systems. They’re built with Magsafe Magnets so all your Magsafe accessories will work. Want to listen to your favorite tunes? The cases work with wired and wireless headphones. 

With our Power 2.0 Cases, you’ll get a total of two full charges. This means your cell will be energized 24/7. Get your fashionable Casely iPhone 12 Pro charging case today!

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