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Over PSL? 5 Fall Latte Flavors You Should Try Instead

Over PSL? 5 Fall Latte Flavors You Should Try Instead
Over PSL? 5 Fall Latte Flavors You Should Try Instead

It's hard to believe people are still crazy for pumpkin spice, but as of last fall, the trend shows no signs of stopping. But if you jumped on the basic girl bandwagon, you know the new fall season will bring a torrent of pumpkin spice-flavored drinks, snacks, desserts, and even … hummus?

If you love fall and flavored lattes but are losing steam on the PSL train, get excited. A whole world of autumnal flavors awaits you, ready to enhance your latte and awaken your tastebuds. And since the PSL made “fall-themed drinks” into a thing, these flavors are easier to find at your local coffee shop than ever!

Maple Spice

It might be controversial to say, but the MVP of fall drinks has always been maple spice, not pumpkin. While pumpkin can sometimes be too subtle, maple always powers through the taste of the milk and espresso in your latte.

Maple also has a deeper, richer flavor than pumpkin. If you like to get lost in contemplation, pondering all the ways a flavor affects your palette, look no further than maple.

Chestnut Praline

This flavor is one of the best-kept secrets, almost always in stock at your favorite coffee shop! Chestnut praline syrup is often mixed with other flavors to make lattes like brown sugar cinnamon or sweet cream.

But chestnut praline is a fantastic flavor in its own right, with a light buttery taste top note and a rich and memorable aftertaste!

White Mocha Macadamia Nut

You thought mint mocha was to die for, then say hello to white mocha macadamia nut. As a nut, macadamia is highly underrated. The almond, the cashew, and even the walnut get all the credit (though no disrespect to the candied walnut, one of the best treats out there).

But macadamia is a great flavor to combine with something more robust, like white mocha, because it only ever adds a slight, subtle, but unforgettable edge. This latte will have you dreaming of cocktails on the Hawaiian coast.

Lavender Earl Grey

You may not be able to find an earl grey flavored syrup easily (though it does exist). You can, however, infuse your lattes at home with earl grey tea concentrate and then cut it with lavender.

Lavender syrups are available wherever sweeteners are, and these are a match made in heaven.

If you’re over the whole pumpkin patch, nutty flavor craze altogether, the sophistication of lavender Earl Grey will restore your faith in humanity. Sip on it while reading a book at the cafe on a cold, drizzly day, and you will look oh so charming.

Spiced Chai

The chai has quickly become one of the most beloved hot coffee shop drinks. It's an excellent alternative for folks who are caffeine sensitive or just don't like the taste of coffee.

Spiced chai is best on a crisp fall morning, the perfect drink as you head out with your sweater on a road trip with your bestie.

Get Your Fall On

Order the PSL if you must, but don't be afraid to branch out and try new flavors. Don't be shy—you may just discover a new favorite.

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