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Our 2020 Prom Guide – The Perfect iPhone Cases for Prom Queens

Our 2019 Prom Guide – The Perfect iPhone Cases for Prom Queens
Our 2019 Prom Guide – The Perfect iPhone Cases for Prom Queens
Okay. You’ve got the dress. You’ve got the makeup. You’ve got the shoes, the hair appointment, the ride, and the pre-dance photoshoot location picked out. You, hopefully, have a date. But, for Prom 2k20, do you have the phone case?
All Casely fans should know by now that no outfit is complete without a matching case to adorn your smartphone. And for prom, when looking glamorous is the whole dang point, you can’t let a dirty, worn-out case tag along like a lonely third wheel.
To help out all you gorgeous prom queens add the finishing touch to your #PromNightLook👀, we’ll selected only the finest selections from the Casely repertoire to shine alongside you the entire night.

1. Red Leather Wallet Case

Have you ever seen a prom queen carry a bulky purse up to the stage to accept her crown? We didn’t think so.

The general wisdom is that it’s better to go minimalist when preparing your clutch – ID, tickets, phone, and maybe an extra bobby pin. Our gorgeous Red Leather Wallet Case will do double duty protecting your phone and carrying your cards on prom night. With it, you can dance freely without worrying about a purse weighing you down.

2. The Bold Collection – Burgundy Red on Black

Okay, so maybe you’re not worried about running out of battery or babysitting a purse all night long. But you have to admit that it’s never a bad idea to stay protected from slips, drops, and tumbles, right?

From our brand new Bold Collection comes this striking Burgundy Red on Black case. With extra padding to keep your iPhone safe, it’ll work through the night to prevent cracked screens and chipped corners, all while looking – shall we say? – va-va-va-voom.

(And if this demure deep red isn’t your thing, don’t worry. If we’ve got one thing, it’s color options.)

3. All That Glitter Gold Crystal Case

Honestly? Sometimes you just have to shine. Sometimes you have to stand out from the crowd, turn heads, knock ‘em out, and all that jazz. With our All That Glitter Gold Crystal Case, you’ll do precisely that.

It’s bright, but not gaudy. It’s fancy, but not ostentatious. It’s sparkly, glittery, and bold, but it won’t draw attention away from the real star of the show: you. This case is for those who are looking to shine on prom night… literally.

5. Knot Over U Clear Ribbon Case

Not decided on your color palette yet, so hedging your bets with accessories to match anything? We got you. Our cute clear case with a sweet ribbon bow design is perfect for a black-tie event. It’s almost perfect symmetry to your date’s bowtie.

From all of us at Casely, we know you’ll sparkle and shine on prom night whatever you wear! If you bring along your Casely iPhone case, be sure to tag our Instagram in your mirror selfies so we can see how you matched your case to your glam get-up. ✨

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