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Groovy Baby: Check Out Our Tie-Dye Print Cases

Groovy Baby: Check Out Our Tie-Dye Print Cases
Groovy Baby: Check Out Our Tie-Dye Print Cases
Here at Casely, tie-dye is by far one of our favorite patterns. What’s not to love? We can’t get enough of the fun colors and bold spirals. The pattern makes a statement and shows you aren’t afraid to bend the rules.
Like many fashion trends, the pattern has had its moments of popularity. Many people associate it with the 1960s Woodstock era. It was also super prominent during the counterculture movements in the 70s and 80s.
Love it or hate it, tie-dye is making a comeback. People are reclaiming this iconic pattern and putting a modern spin on it.
So, why not jump on board? Here are five groovy tie-dye print phone cases to get you started.

Tye Dye GIF

1. I Heart Tie-Dye Phone Case

We’ve already made it clear how much we love tie-dye. But, if you don’t believe us, this case should convince you!

It features multi-colored concentric hearts emitting from the center. With each heart fading into the next, it creates a subtle statement about unity. The design is somewhat hypnotic and gives off nothing but good vibes.

If you, too, want to show the world how much you love this colorful pattern, this is the case for you!

2. On Tour | Grateful Dead Tie-Dye Sticker Case

A famous American rock band, the Grateful Dead defined an era. Part of a widespread counterculture movement, they gained popularity throughout the late 1960s onward.

Even though the Grateful Dead no longer tours, the band’s reputation lives on in people’s hearts and minds. People of all ages appreciate their music and legacy. It is wildly popular among today’s hipsters.

In homage to this iconic band, Casely has a Grateful Dead collection. The “On Tour” design features the band’s bear logo on top of a classic tie-dye background.

Whether or not you’re a fan of the Grateful Dead, you’re bound to appreciate this case’s aesthetic. It looks exactly like something that you would have seen plastered to the back of a 60s van!

3. Veneta Tapestry | Grateful Dead Tie-Dye Case

This case is yet another gem from our Grateful Dead collection.

The band’s iconic rose is in the corner, but the tie-dye pattern is what stands out and catches the eye. The wide array of bright, fun colors is mesmerizing and totally psychedelic.

4. Wild & Free Classic Rainbow Tie-Dye iPhone Case

When we think of this iconic pattern, we usually picture bright, vivid colors. If you want something a little more understated, check out our Wild & Free Classic Rainbow design! The soft pastel colors are calming yet super stylish.

5. Down for Whatever | Light Pink Tie-Dye Case

Many tie-dye patterns use the whole rainbow. But, patterns with two colors are also a great aesthetic! Check out this case that uses a super cute light pink tie-dye pattern. It’s easy to match with your outfits and will look fabulous no matter the occasion.

So, there you have it! If you love tie-dye, snag one of these awesome cases! Be sure to buy before the 23rd to take advantage of our 25% off sitewide sale!

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