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All the Colors of the Rainbow - Find a Casely Case in Your Favorite Color

All the Colors of the Rainbow - Find a Casely Case in Your Favorite Color
All the Colors of the Rainbow - Find a Casely Case in Your Favorite Color
While black, white, and gray phone cases are functional and cute, you can always shake up your style with a brighter hue. If you’re looking to add some flair to your everyday style, why not accessorize with a colorful phone case? Here, you can check out seven of our products in the most vibrant options available.

rainbow love GIF by Trippyogi

1) Red - Solid Red Battery-Powered Charging Case

Our Solid Red Battery-Powered Charging Case depicts an emotionally-charged shade and shows that you mean business. Bright red often exudes determination and strength as well as love and passion. Show off the multiple facets of your personality with this bold and bright accessory. Plus, it will help you thrive in your social and work life, as it’ll keep your phone powered even while you’re on the go!

2) Orange - Flower My World | Burnt Orange Flower Case

If you’re on the hunt for an accessory that depicts a more calming color, this Burnt Orange Flower Case is just right for you! It features several whimsical flowers plastered across a soothing orange background, which will spread good vibes all around, even on stressful days.

3) Yellow - As If! Yellow Plaid Case

Plaid seems to be all the rage these days. If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate it into your style, check out the As If! Yellow Plaid Case. The dominant yellow, gray, and red colors interweave seamlessly to create a unique accessory. This contemporary spin on the beloved plaid look can be both casual and classy, depending on the rest of your outfit and how you choose to accessorize.

4) Green - Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case

Can’t get enough of fresh, ripe avocados? You can flaunt this aspect of millennial culture on your phone with our Avocado Rose Gold Clear Case. The three avocados in two bright shades of green look ripe and tasty. They also feature shiny rose gold centerpieces that add distinctive final touches.

5) Blue - Teal Blue Seaglass

This Teal Blue Seaglass phone case will make you feel as if you’re right by the ocean. It features a smooth marble finish and a realistic sea glass appearance that will mesmerize anyone who sees you rocking it around town.

6) Indigo - Classic Blue Marble Case

If you’re searching for a deeper shade of blue, this Classic Blue Marble Case fits the bill! The dark blue pops, and it’s surrounded by some lighter shades of blue and white to resemble the expansive sky above us.

7)Violet - Purple Rain Marble Case

This feminine accessory features multiple shades of purple and pink, which makes it a fabulous choice for the final piece of our rainbow. The Purple Rain Marble Case offers just the right amount of shine and sparkle to your life, and it guarantees that you will never have a lackluster outfit.

With the whole rainbow at your disposal, the stylistic possibilities are endless! Order a few of your favorites today so that you can embrace your vibrant personality!

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