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3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Phone Case

3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Phone Case
3 Surprising Ways You Can Use Your Phone Case

Above all else, a good case should keep your precious smartphone protected from most any inevitable drops or tumbles. But a really good case can do that and do one of these three surprising things – all little hacks that make your life a little easier.

And speaking of making life easier, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (so, November 23rd and the 26th) we’re giving you up to 50% off! Think about it – your phone is always glued to your hand and is a valuable piece of tech you’d be lost without (sometimes literally!). Don’t miss out!

1. To stay organized

Phone, meet wallet. Wallet, meet phone. It’s a match made in durable plastic heaven. Having your phone case double as a wallet is a convenience you never thought you’d need – until now! Our Mirror + Wallet Flip Cases protect your phone AND your cards! Be honest, who carries around cash these days? It’s easier to just swipe that plastic.

These sleeks cases are also classy enough to take to a fancy dinner or to the office, if you’re tired of switching out your entire purse every time you have to get dressed up. Maybe keep some business cards in one, to hand out to all the CEOs walking by. They will be impressed by your organizational skills and innovative use of space, thank you very much.

2. To touch up your makeup

It’s never a good feeling when you open up your front facing camera, except when you’re specifically prepared to take a selfie. Even then, there’s just something about the front camera that’s just… yuck. Just doesn’t do it for ya, am I right?

A mirror, on the other hand, is usually a lot easier to look into if you want to quickly touch up your makeup or check your teeth after eating. And it’s less conspicuous than using your phone camera – how many times have you tried to discreetly check your reflection and also try not to cue in any strangers around you to what you’re doing?

Conveniently, our Mirror + Wallet Flip Cases have got your back again! More convenient than a compact mirror and always in your hand when you need it – no quick trips to the restroom to scope out the mirror needed.

3. To stand out

Honestly, nowadays, most of us have our phone in hand more often than we have it tucked away in our bag or pocket. It’s just easier to just hold it than having to dig for it among the clutter of old receipts and loose lipstick tubes in our purses

We have a TON of adorable, chic cases, and there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find one that matches your unique style. And when you’re holding your phone as much as you do, don’t forget to grab a handy ring to prevent any butterfingers situations. You’ll be glad you did, trust us.

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