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Based in the heart of Brooklyn and run by graphic designers, stylists, and influencers, Casely is your online tech-accessories shop. We are the only iPhone case subscription club out there. With both a fresh take on design and the industry, GetCasely creates iPhone cases and sends them right to your door.

Our subscription club members get exclusive access to a cool iPhone case either every month or every quarter (you choose!) to keep your most prized tech possession safe. Choose from a surprise selection or pick your favorite! Casely means you will #NeverGoNaked, build up a collection of cool iPhone cases, and stay on the frontline of trends every month. Feel like skipping a month or canceling the subscription? No problem! We’ll never ask any questions.

We’re inspired by the forward-thinking and art-centered nature of our home in Brooklyn, and we create the best iPhone case each month that represents these ideals. In addition to our special subscription-exclusive options, we also have a huge assortment of cute cases available at all times. Our most popular designs include clear iPhone cases, holographic iPhone cases and marble cases. We also have wallet and mirror options for extra storage or a quick look at your gorgeous self. Y’know, just in case.

Say goodbye to worn out, dirty, or boring phone cases. Change it up and keep your precious phone in the best of hands with Casely’s fun and funky case designs whenever you need them!

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